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Registered Dicamba Products in South Dakota
Information on how drought affects crops:

UNL Drought Stressed Soybeans

Drought Stressed Corn and Corn Silage

K-State Corn Drought Stress

Forage Advisor Drought Stressed Corn


The picture shows the up and down of spread patterns of fertilizer from a spinner fertilizer spreader. Notice the streaks in this corn field. Picture taken August 26, 2011 from the air.

As the spring fertilizer season approaches consider using product such as Fertilink to get more out of your fertilizer. 
·         Effective Nitrogen stabilizer and increase in nutrient uptake
·         Increases the availability of P and K
·         Prevents Nutrient “tie-ups”
·         Chelates micronutrients promoting root and shoot growth

  Seed Program
 It is time to think about seed selection.  Look at what works on your farm. Look at local plot data. Talk to your agronomist about exciting new hybrids and to ensure the right genetics for your farm. 

 Variable Rate Fertilizer
With the volatility of commodity prices and increasing input costs we need to be more efficient than ever.  One option is to place fertility resources where they will benefit you the most.  First we start with a gridded soil sample to see what your field needs are.  Then we send them to a lab for analysis.  We usually get results back in 7 business days.  Next we make specific field recommendations and spread accordingly with the newest air flow machines on the market. This program will increase efficiency, production, profitability, and make you a better steward of the land.  If you have any questions or comments contact your agronomist. 
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