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Photo submitted by a local producer to our feed department manager.  It's great to see how our local coop is reaching out to the next generation of producers!  It's about more than just making feed.



Fly Control Program

By Brooke Brunsvig, Nutritional Consultant

Shannon talked about fly control last week, and I’d like to second his thoughts and add a couple of things. Not only is it important to get the feedthrough control in the manure as soon as possible so that eggs in the manure don’t hatch (method that IGR whether altosid or clarifly works), but it’s also extremely important to feed it until a hard frost. The manure late in the year and eggs within it is what sets you up for the beginning of the next year. If you tried a feedthrough one year but didn’t use it or feed it long enough the previous year, you may believe it isn’t making a difference.

We do order and deliver or direct ship sterile wasps at CFC. If you’re looking to reduce flies in old feed or problem areas on the premises, and especially if altosid is your feedthrough product, wasps could provide you with good benefit without much labor investment. Spray is a VERY effective method of control but can be viewed as too labor intensive for its worth.

The other side of the same coin is the method of providing the feedthrough product; tubs/barrels, or loose mineral. Until recently learning about some trials comparing the two, I too figured that loose was the hands-down better (because it’s cheaper) option. However, take a hard look at what it could be worth in your operation to get 20-30% more of your herd consistently ingesting the correct amount of vitamins and minerals. The increase is likely most magnified in larger, more rolling pastures, but the basic features of the products still apply.

Please reach out to any of your coop feed team for at least a good conversation about what could most benefit your specific operation.




Fly Control Program

By Shannon Voegele, Nutritional Consultant

It is starting to feel like the warmer weather is here to stay so it’s not too early to start thinking about fly control. Flies can cost your operation thousands of dollars each year if measures aren’t taken to try and control them. The initial investment may seem spendy, but it will pay off with improved animal health and productivity. At CFC we have several different options for fly control with the most popular options being Altosid, Clarifly and garlic options. Feeding a fly control mineral for cattle is an efficient, economical way to help control flies. In addition, it’s also a convenient, labor-saving way to control the fly population. If you are already feeding minerals, this is a convenient method of getting fly control into your cattle, without the labor of spraying or implementing other external methods. Most of these options recommend starting to feed 30 days before flies start reproducing so let’s get together and chat about a fly program for you soon! 




Feed Department Update

By Tyler McCoy, Feed Department Manager

Last month I wrote about the mill shutdowns that we had planned for Montrose, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Our new 4-ton mixer is hopping along at 25 minutes a semi load compared to 40 minutes with our old mixer. We have new capacity, and the mill is waiting on truck drivers for once, instead of the other way around. We also just picked up the feed department’s first ever brand-new truck, a 2024 Freightliner. We will now have 5 semis for 4 drivers which will allow us to have a spare so that we won’t have to pull a driver off the road for truck maintenance. We know the busy season is close, so we pushed our bid a bit to make sure we have plenty of corn on hand while field work is getting done. Please keep an eye on our bid during those rainy days. As always, thanks for your business.







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